Cannabis Cookies aka Cookies With Cannabis In Them

Cannabis cookies, who don’t love them?  It seems like it’d be such a pisser to have to make cannabutter, then make cookies. It’s really all that bad. In the end, you have the cookies with cannabis in them. So there is that.

For the Holmgrown Farm cannabis cookies, I took 28 grams of kick-ass Colombian Gold, 1 pound of unsalted butter, a crockpot, and boom. “28 grams in only 1 cup of butter?? Isn’t that too much?” is the most common question I have been asked by friends when talking about them. But, I ask you, is there really a too much limit? It’s not like you HAVE to eat a whole cookie. It is OK to only eat fractions of a cookie if need be, no? Well here is my photo story of the latest batch of Holmgrown Farm Cannabis cookies.

Making Cannabutter 1making cannabutter 2

I forgot to mention that I always grind my cannabis then decarboxylate it. I find this to be the way that produces the strongest cannabutter for me. I also should tell you that I use the same method to make coconut oil infused with cannabis as well. I also have found over the years that if you leave Jerry Garcia to watch over the decarboxylation, it does so without issue. I didn’t have Jerry watching over a batch I did a couple months back. There were issues from start to finish.

making cannabutter 3cannabutter

I like to make my cannabutter by the old method’s. Butter, water, bud. I have heard of people putting other things in the butter to cause your body to absorb the THC faster. It’s just not me. I put the water and butter in a crockpot, add cannabis when almost all butter melted. cover and simmer all day… Really, 12 hours. All day.

making cannabis cookies 1making cannabis cookies 3

Following any generic chocolate chip cookie recipe, I alter it a wee bit with mini chocolate chips and mini M&Ms. Another absolute must when making cannabis cookies is that you lick the beaters, bowl, etc. when done.

making cannabis cookies 4making cannabis cookies 5

After the raw cookie dough and more than a couple bong hits. It is with more than a little embarrassment that I tell you I got really, really high thereby causing me to not a photograph them. I will tell you now though. lol, I take the raw cookie dough and separate it into two equal gobs. I then take each gob and roll it in wax paper making a 15-inch log out of each gob of goo. I place them in the icebox for about 90 minutes allowing them to harden.

cannabis cookies 3cannabis cookies 1

Then I pull the logs out and slice them with a very sharp knife about 1/2 inch in width. I also try to always use parchment paper when cooking the cookies. It’s not really needed I guess, just my thing. Another thing I hear as a suggestion for making cannabis cookies is to cook them at 325f. I assume this is to keep the THC or CBD from cooking off. I have tried it. I could not tell the difference between the normal 375f cooked ones and the 325f cooked ones as far as strength goes. I will say that the 325f cooked cookies do not keep as well as the 375f ones.

cannabis cookies 2cannabis cookies 5

Let me tell you about this batch of cookies. I had one whole cookie and for 4 hours I was the highest I had been since the last batch of cookies. I spent four hours being silly and laughing my butt off! My eyes went red so there was no white. After fours hours, I became very mellow. people around me at the time said I looked drunk. At this point, I felt myself falling over on the couch like a tree being chopped and I really didn’t care. Passed out asleep at the moment I hit the couch…

And there ya have it. Cannabis Cookies aka Cookies With Cannabis In Them. Now excuse me while I go have 1/2 a