Wild Thailand Sprouts

In great news, the Wild Thailand strain Cannabis seed planted sprouted.  It will be interesting to follow this along as she grows.  I’m guessing that this Wild Thailand is going to grow really well here in Hawaii.

Wild Thailand cannabis seed sprouted

Not going to be posting much more about this Wild Thailand Sprouts post. I guess it really is going to be a Wild Thailand Grow Journal. Hope you follow as it grows along. lol

Cannabis Plants Rotated

The planned Rotation of Cannabis plants has been completed. All Cannabis plants rotated with no major issues. Due to it coming on the winter months here in Hawaii, I will be retiring many of the garden beds for the winter. Although there is a year-round growing season in Hawaii, the shorter days of the winter months do not produce as good of bud as in the summer with the longer days. In the winter months, bud production is normally 30 – 40% less than what production is during all other months.

Oldest Photo of Garden

Cannabis Garden Rotation 1

There are a couple of factors that make this loss of sunlight here on Holmgrown Farm. One must first remember that Holmgrown Farm is in the middle of an Ohia forest. There is only any sunlight here at all because of the clearing for the garden beds. Being that its the middle of a forest, The way the sun moves over the garden changes from summer to winter drastically.

Cannabis Garden Rotation 2

During the summer, we get appx. 13.5 hours of daylight. The sun moves over the garden by coming up in the northeast and setting in the west. Moving this direction it sends a steady constant 9 hours of direct sunlight to the garden beds before being filtered by trees. That’s as good as can be expected in the middle of a forest.

Cannabis Garden Rotation 3

In the winter months, we get appx. 11 hours of daylight The sun moves over the garden by coming up in the East and setting in the south-south-east. With this movement of the sun over the garden, the plants only get appx. 5 hours of direct sunlight before being filtered by trees.

Cannabis Garden Rotation 4

It is not that Holmgrown Farm does not grow during the winter months. Obviously, this post is about 2 new plants put outside to bud. With 12 hours of direct light being best for bud production and the application of a little basic math, you can see why the bud production drops off so much during winter months. No sugar coating here. 5 hours of direct light really is not worth a lot when it comes to bud production. You still get a great tight, stinky, sticky, bud. The buds just have no real weight or size to them. It’s just not worth all the work caring for a lot of plants only to reap so little. Just a couple of plants are cool it’s perfect, a fresh harvest in the winter is nice. It’s just not worth it to grow many more.

Outdoor Cannabis Garden Rotation

Cannabis Garden Rotation 6
Anyway, that’s it for the Cannabis Plants Rotated post.

Cannabis Garden Rotation 7


Trimming Cannabis Leads To Smoking Cannabis

After a weekend spent trimming cannabis to the point where my first 2 fingers and thumb on my right-hand can’t even grip a PlayStation 4 controller. It truly was a rough trim session. I was forced to take a free day on Monday to recover. The buds from this harvest even though mostly not fully mature, was, and is especially sticky. Just about every 5 mins. I needed to clean the scissors with alcohol. It was a major pain in the ass. I did manage to get a little finger hash as I progressed. It was phenomenal! I would have enjoyed that hash a little more had it not come with 3 lame fingers on my right hand. Had to sign my signature and couldn’t even grip the pen. For a while, I could not even use a lighter to get any smoking of cannabis done. lol

cannabis trimming 2018 3cannabis trimming 2018 2
cannabis trimming 2018gecko eggs

In the end, I did end up with a fair amount of really good trimmings for hash or oil making. Most likely it will be bubble hash. I don’t know about you.

bubble hash trimmingsBubble Bags
making Bubble HashBubble Hash

But, I like bubble hash. I like to smoke bubble hash.  Screened down to 25 microns it’s pretty close to pure keif. When it bubbles and evaporates in a bowl, it is a fun sideshow while puffing. I’m not even gonna get into the high.

I like to take the hash and do a mini alcohol extraction kinda thing, It is basically just a recipe of putting bubble hash in 200 proof alcohol till dissolved, strain through a coffee filter, add to a flask, put the flask in hot water and most of the alcohol evaporates and the few tables spoons of liquid is a crude type of oil.  I just pour into whatever I making butter topical oil, candies, etc. It really mixes well. It is the best quick way using bubble hash to make gummies and hard candies. It’s not as good as co2 oil for candies but, it does a really good job.

Bubble Hash extract 1Bubble Hash extract 2

I also normally at this point would be telling you about making co2 oil. You know, using supercritical co2 to extract all the good stuff from the cannabis buds, and what not. If I had a major surplus of fair to good buds that would go bad here in the humidity, is the best way to keep extra bud. Oil keeps longer and it really is the best for cooking. Holmgrown Farm does make its own CO2 or Honey oil. I am not really in a mood to go into that here right now. But here is a video for ya to see on that subject.

Yep, spent the whole weekend trimming bud. But, now is the fun part. After all the cannabis trimming has been completed, It’s taste test time! Taste test time is the bestest thing in the world. After 2 days of trimming the most stinky, sticky, buds of this year so far, I now get to burn it in all the best ways this can be done.

Cannabis BudCannabis Bud 3
Cannabis Bud 4Cannabis Bud 2

Before I do any smoking of a new harvest that is early harvested due to bud mold, I like to look at the buds to see what color the Trichomes are through a microscope. Most the time the Trichomes is clearish. The ideal is milky to amber colored. I would wait to harvest when there is about a 25% amber color to the Trichomes on the buds normally. That, in my opinion, is the sweet spot of maturity for harvest. If the Trichomes are too amber the effects will be more of a couchlock effect.  No amber color at all and your just not getting the best effect from the strain.

Trichomes MicroscopeTrichomes 1
Trichomes 2Trichomes 3

The excitement is a motivator like no other. After cleaning and a good hand washing, it’s time to test all the bud in a series of small fires. Let’s get to smoking cannabis.  Bong hits were first. Grabbed the best looking cherry Columbian Gold bud I could find. A quick run through the grinder, into the bong it goes. It was only 2 small bong hits and I was done smoking for the last 4 hours. Really, it was very strong. The smell is just lingering in the air inside the house. Everywhere you go throughout the house, it smells like a sweet incense is burning somewhere in the house. This really baffles me as all the windows are open and every room has a ceiling fan running on the med. setting.

Smoking Cannabis 2Hash Oil On Cigarette
Cannabis LollypopsSmoking Cannabis

Welp, that’s all folks for Trimming Cannabis Leads To Smoking Cannabis. Aloha.

My Least Favorite Part of Cannabis Growing

Cannabis growing is a mostly rewarding thing. Most of the work involved in growing my own cannabis I have no issues with. Yet it would be a lie to say that everything associated with cannabis growing I enjoy. As with anything worth doing, there are chores that cannot be escaped from.

It is not the job of mixing compost, manure, lime, or bone meal into the soil. Sure, when this needs to be done it is a little bit of work. It does take all day to mix all the garden beds up and get them to the ideal mix for cannabis growing. This job is a little stinky, and in the Hawaiian sun & humidity can test your strength.

Hanging Cannabis To Dry 5Hanging Cannabis To Dry
Hanging Cannabis To Dry 7Hanging Cannabis To Dry 3

It is not the constant monitoring of water, nutes, bugs, mildews, molds, weather damage, animals, oh the list is long of things that will affect the full cycle of cannabis growing. This is really one of the most pleasurable jobs of cannabis growing here on Holmgrown Farm. Most mornings are spent having a coffee and a smoke with the plants. This gives me the opportunity to do the constant monitoring that needs to be done daily. In the evening as the sun is close to setting I again spend some time doing the monitoring thing while relaxing after the stress of the day.

Hanging Cannabis To Dry 6Hanging Cannabis To Dry 8
Hanging Cannabis To Dry 4Hanging Cannabis To Dry 2

If all goes well during the growing cycle of the cannabis, and the buds are all hard and stinking with large bulbs giving real weight the buds, we come to harvest. Yes, harvesting is my favorite thing of all of it. I love when the plant rubs on my clothes or skin and I get to walk around for an hour or so smelling like a cannabis plant. Who the heck that grows cannabis does not this job the most? After months of work and stress, you get to cunt the plant down. The ultimate goal of Cannabis growing.

Trimming Cannabis 9Trimming Cannabis 7
Trimming Cannabis 3

Now we’re at the hanging drying job of cannabis growing. After trimming all the big fan leaves, hanging the cannabis plants to dry, you still need to keep a fan blowing on the plants. In a week or two its ready for the least favorite job on Holmgrown Farm

Trimming bud is the final step in cannabis growing. Detest this part of the job. I have to struggle to get through this part. Sometimes it takes me 3 days longer than it should. Between procrastination and allowing myself to be distracted while doing the trimming the job just seems to take forever. The scissors gum up then must be cleaned. Fingertips get super sticky. Then the monotony of the job just makes one wanna stop doing it. I also have the bad habit of going along, seeing a pretty bud, then needing to smoke it then and there. This leads to a situation of smoke 2 buds trim one. This lasts until I’m so high I end up being distracted and start doing something else entirely.

Trimming Cannabis 8Trimming Cannabis 6
Trimming Cannabis 5Trimming Cannabis 4

So, thats it for the blog post: My Least Favorite Part of Cannabis Growing. Hope it was a good read for ya.


Trimming Cannabis 3Trimmed Cannabis 2
Trimmed CannabisTrimmed Cannabis 4

The Kilimanjaro Cannabis Has Been Harvested!

Holmgrown Farm has harvested the big ass Kilimanjaro cannabis strain we had growing. The buds have bulbs of goodness and although it could have done with maybe another 5 days of bud swelling time. The humidity around here is 90% for a past 2 days and is expected to be the same for at least a few more days more, with a strong chance of rain. If you have seen my last post: When An Equatorial Landrace Sativa Molds, You know that I have had a little bud mold just starting on this Kilimanjaro plant at 2 places. Instead of being greedy and hoping that the high humidity is not going to make the bud mold worse, I decided to take her down and be happy with what I have now. There’ll be others. There are always others. Kilimanjaro Cannabis Strain5

This Kilimanjaro cannabis strain is one of my favorites. This strain has the ability to be super energetic. Really! This strain will work better than a cup of coffee. If I have a cookie or smoke a couple bong hits of this Kilimanjaro cannabis the buzz is so happy and energetic that I can mow the lawn, weed the gardens, pressure washes the roof and it seems like nothing. Rumor is that the tribes in Africa where this strain comes from on the slopes of Kilimanjaro on the Kenya side call it “elephant Stomper” do it its effects. I only half believe that. But it sure as hell makes for a good marketing pitch.. lol

Kilimanjaro Cannabis StrainKilimanjaro Cannabis Strain4

This strain does very well here on Holmgrown Farm in our area of the island. It’s a “plant it and forget it” type of cannabis plant. Not hard on fertilizer and bugs don’t seem to attack it too much. I mean, bugs are a real factor here. But, not too hard on this strain. The smell of the bud is like a lemony fruit. The buds will mostly get rock hard. In drier growing times they can also get a fair size to them. This one did not produce major sized buds at all. It also has only seen the sun directly for 20 of the past 60days. The rest were all rainy days.

The grow time outdoors here on Holmgrown Farm is pretty quick for a sativa. Most the times it’s never more than 70 days from the clone being placed outside until harvest. It has been as few as 60 days a lot. why one way or the other? See, I don’t use clones of clone more than 4 gens. from seed. I hear all the time that its a silly practice. I’m not saying it isn’t per se. I can only say that any of the strains just don’t seem to produce as strong of buds past the 4th gen of clone from seed. I have no proof. So please don’t bitch at me about how I am wrong. It’s just what works for me.

Kilimanjaro Cannabis Strain2Kilimanjaro Cannabis Strain1

Trimming this Kilimanjaro cannabis strain is a breeze. It’s not too leafy and only needs a mild trim after hanging. Plus as an added bonus, you get to smell the exquisite aroma of these flowers. I cannot rave on enough about the smell. It’s not the kind of cannabis smell that hits ya as you walk in a room. No, it’s more of an open a bag and huff. A bag full of these buds gives off an intoxicating smell of their own. I have found myself dreaming of walks in the woods when I have closed my eyes and opened a bag of this Kilimanjaro to my nose.Kilimanjaro Cannabis Strain3

Update: When An Equatorial Landrace Sativa Molds

The sun has set, I am having another cappuccino. I have also come to the conclusion after thoroughly inspecting the Columbian Gold girl that there are just too many areas with bud to just trim the bud mold out. I am very sad about this as the buds were soo close to being at the sweet spot for harvesting. Before I go on if you missed the last post: When An Equatorial Landrace Sativa Molds Go read it. I’ll wait for ya.

Columbian Gold Close Up
This is a close up of the premature Columbian Gold bud.

Grabbed the clippers and with a tear, cut this incredible smelling Columbian Gold down in the squeeze of the clippers. The smell of this plant gets all over my arm as I support her with one hand and clip her at the base with the other. Even as I type this now, the smell of her still lingers around me. I notice occasionally that my hair smells of her and I become reflective of the past few months of her care, all the way back to clipping her as a clone form her mother.

Columbian Gold Hanging2Columbian Gold Hanging
Columbian Gold Bud2Columbian Gold Bud

If you are really looking at the posted photos, I want to assure you that this bud smells better than it kinda looks. You can see in the photos of this Columbian Gold, she was just starting the swell and resend cycle. 2, maybe (this is a big maybe) 3 more weeks and holy moly! I promise that even now this is going to me mind-numbing cannabis to smoke or eat.

All is not gloomy. Still have 1 Early Skunk, 1 Kilmajaro, 1 Columbian Gold going strong. Maybe the humidity and rain will go away and come back in about 3 months but for an evening shower once a week.

Cannabis Strains

Bud Mold On Cannabis Indica Plants

It’s true. All the Cannabis Indica plants have an unacceptable amount of bud mold on them here on Holmgrown Farm. This is not an unexpected result of 2 hurricanes that fell apart here on the big island of Hawaii and an extended streBud Mold On Cannabis Indica Plantstch of humidity at 85% with over 50 inches of rain in a very short period of time. Cannabis Indica just is not a fan of these conditions. I know this because this is not the first time I’ve grown this Early Skunk strain here. It is the first time bud mold overtook the plant so early. I was looking for early skunk, not early bud mold.

This strain is from Sensi Seeds and is called Early Skunk. It is an Indica dominant strain that’s 35% Sativa / 65% Indica. When the weather is drier here, she mostly gives huge harvests in 55 days before bud mold really shows its ugly face. Truth be told, this strain will always mold before being really finished. It could use another week past the 55 days. It’s just that even in drier times it still molds. Holmgrown Farm grows it because it makes wonderful edibles and its a super evening smoke.

Bud Mold On Cannabis Indica Plants TooBefore I get a message telling me to grow this cannabis Indica in a greenhouse or undercover let me tell you that I have grown it both ways. Using a greenhouse or under a clear tarp only changes one thing. Undercover, I get powdery mildew in addition to bud mold. I have tried super ventilation of a greenhouse, fans moving the air under tarps. Even have done the deal where you take the tarps down on sunny days and put it back up as the sunsets. It really does not matter or change results. I will not use some kinda weird stuff to try and stop the powdery mildew. I will not spend a whole day wiping down all the leaves trying to keep the powdery mildew at bay. I’ve got 20 plants. Who has the time to wipe plant leaves all day every day?

I must be clear. Holmgrown Farms is in the center of an old growth Ohia Rain Forest. High humidity is just an environmental condition one has to expect as it cant be changed. I guess I could clear all the trees away and have Holmgrown Farm in the middle of a cleared out patch of destroyed Ohia forest. I could never do it. First, the Ohia are dying off at an alarming rate already due to Rapid Ohia Death Disease. I cannot contribute to the loss of Ohia. I personally just have too much respect for the Aina.

Ok, I am going to conclude this now. I hope you have found some use for this Bud Mold On Cannabis Indica Plants post. Aloha

Bud Mold On Cannabis Indica Plants AlsoBud Mold On Cannabis Indica Plants as wellBud Mold On Cannabis Indica Plants Sometimes
Bud Mold On Cannabis Indica Plants Now and ThenBud Mold On Cannabis Indica Plants Go FigureBud Mold On Cannabis Indica Plants Really

Please enjoy these photos of Bud Mold On Cannabis Indica Plants.

First Post

So, here it is my first post. I guess I should start where I started. After moving from Europe where I had lived for 14 years and getting my Hawaii Medical Cannabis card, or permission slip if you like. I was in my front yard and a bunch of cannabis seeds fell outta the sky on the house and I was set for starting this adventure.

cannabis seedsmarijuana seed start

Starting to grow cannabis outdoors here in Hawaii was a real learning experience. The hardest part for me to learn (get over) is that no matter the time of year when your plants are put outside they will start to flower. On the mainland, you put your plants out in the spring and harvest in the fall. It really does take some time to get used to this year-round thing. The good part is that I have found when getting an idea of how long your plants will take, take the indoor time frame the breeder suggests to get an idea of just how long before you harvest outdoors. If the breeder says indoors the strain you are trying to grow takes 65 days to mature, its a pretty good guess that 70 days after you put the plant outside it will be ready to harvest

Here in Hawaii, we are blessed with a climate that allows us to grow cannabis year round. though admittedly how much work growing depends on where on the islands you are. For example, Holmgrown Farm is on the windward side of the big island of Hawaii. In my area, there is almost no topsoil at all. Here at Holmgrown Farm, we have zero dirt and only have lava. Not having any dirt kinda means digging a hole and planting a clone is outta the question.

cannabis outdoor potsEarly Skunk PotEarly Skunk

Another issue growing here on Holmgrown Farm on the big island of Hawaii is the humidity. It’s almost always at least 75% but can be 90% for days on end with rain pretty much every day. With this kind of humidity, the strains that can be grown here to full maturity is not large. Anything will grow here, but not everything will grow well. If you are trying to grow Hashplant or something with more than`30% indica in its genetics it most likely is not gonna grow too well. That is not to say it won’t grow, its more that it will mold before it finishes. I have found that sticking with landrace equatorial strains for the best result in getting plants that reach full maturity without mold issues.

Hawaii Cannabis 35gal trash canscannabis growing in 35gal trash cans

Because in the ground was not possible (or is it?) pots were the way to go. But even with big pots, it was taking a lot of potting soil. Started to grow in 35gal. trash cans. It produced great grows but was work to keep the soil in good shape. You could grow 6 big plants in them, of course, soil still needed to be changed as it just became a root ball with little dirt. Also that 35gal. trash can would get pretty hot sometimes on sunny days. They also dry out pretty quick if we don’t have a shower in a couple days once the plants get bigger in size.

For the past 2 years, I have been growing in the ground. Really! I grow all my plants in the ground organically using phenomenal native Hawaiian topsoil. I know you’re confused because I just said I had not topsoil and only lava. Well, ever hear the expression, “if you need something designed for you, hire a stoner!”. People who grow and or use cannabis will create specialized equipment to smoke and grow it from common household items. It’s just true. That’s what its like to grow cannabis here in Hawaii. You need to be creative, and luckily I am!

marijuana garden prepcannabis garden prepHawaii cannabis garden preprationHawaii marijuana garden bed

Here at Holmgrown Farm with the help of a jackhammer, we blasted out the lava to make garden beds 3 feet deep. This has really really worked out well. It is just like growing in a raised bed but it’s in the ground so it gets rainfall to help keep watered well. By simply adding a touch of lime powder, cow manure, compost, and bone meal I can keep the plants growing fabulously. Plus, I have the added bonus of not needing to replace potting soil. Just till it up and over and plant again. every 6 months I have to re-add manure, bone meal, and lime but it’s gotta be till after each harvest anyway. easy peasy.

That’s about all to share for now. First posts are always the hardest one to do. The only thing left to do is add one more set of photos of the buds, We all wanna see buds, no?


Hawaii Grown MarijuanaTrimming Hawaiian Grown CannabisHawaiian grown marijuanaHawaiian grown cannabis in bag