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Hawaii Medical Cannabis card 2018As a Hawaii medical cannabis user/caregiver. This blog was started to post pics, get help, share advice etc. about my Hawaiian medical cannabis grow. I have a great fondness for cannabis. I find it to be the most beautiful, wonderful smelling, plant to cultivate. Forget that it is super easy to grow.

Did you know that cannabis/marijuana is called Pakalolo (crazy tobacco) in Hawaii? My favorite slang for cannabis is Dinosaur Leaves. Because it does have a prehistoric look about it. Other slang names: weed, dope, fire, dank, chronic, grass and pot come to the mind quickly. Ever wonder why Pot is a slang for cannabis? The belief is, as I understand it, there was a Spanish brandy that had buds soaked in it. I don’t remember the name of the drink. I do know that the first 3 letters in the name were P.O.T. lol

Hawaii Medical Cannabis Holmgrown FarmEven people that have no love for cannabis or its uses will stand and stare in awe of a majestic cannabis plant in full bloom. Most say, “wow, didn’t know it would be so big!” I have been growing/using medical marijuana here in Hawaii for 5 years. I have found that growing cannabis here in Hawaii is a lot different than doing so on the mainland. There is a learning curve that is not so hard to overcome. If There’s an old expression: Growing marijuana is easy. People just make it hard! I have found this to be so true.

It’s also all good if you are just here to soak up the marijuana porn. It’s always fun to blaze up and look at cannabis online. If you find any of the information here on Holmgrown Farm interesting or informative, as always, Please be fair and share to your favorite social media site. If you have any advice or tips for growing Hawaii medical cannabis then it would be wonderful of you to spread the information by commenting on posts… You never know who it might help.

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