My Least Favorite Part of Cannabis Growing

Cannabis growing is a mostly rewarding thing. Most of the work involved in growing my own cannabis I have no issues with. Yet it would be a lie to say that everything associated with cannabis growing I enjoy. As with anything worth doing, there are chores that cannot be escaped from.

It is not the job of mixing compost, manure, lime, or bone meal into the soil. Sure, when this needs to be done it is a little bit of work. It does take all day to mix all the garden beds up and get them to the ideal mix for cannabis growing. This job is a little stinky, and in the Hawaiian sun & humidity can test your strength.

Hanging Cannabis To Dry 5 Hanging Cannabis To Dry
Hanging Cannabis To Dry 7 Hanging Cannabis To Dry 3

It is not the constant monitoring of water, nutes, bugs, mildews, molds, weather damage, animals, oh the list is long of things that will affect the full cycle of cannabis growing. This is really one of the most pleasurable jobs of cannabis growing here on Holmgrown Farm. Most mornings are spent having a coffee and a smoke with the plants. This gives me the opportunity to do the constant monitoring that needs to be done daily. In the evening as the sun is close to setting I again spend some time doing the monitoring thing while relaxing after the stress of the day.

Hanging Cannabis To Dry 6 Hanging Cannabis To Dry 8
Hanging Cannabis To Dry 4 Hanging Cannabis To Dry 2

If all goes well during the growing cycle of the cannabis, and the buds are all hard and stinking with large bulbs giving real weight the buds, we come to harvest. Yes, harvesting is my favorite thing of all of it. I love when the plant rubs on my clothes or skin and I get to walk around for an hour or so smelling like a cannabis plant. Who the heck that grows cannabis does not this job the most? After months of work and stress, you get to cunt the plant down. The ultimate goal of Cannabis growing.

Trimming Cannabis 9 Trimming Cannabis 7
Trimming Cannabis 3

Now we’re at the hanging drying job of cannabis growing. After trimming all the big fan leaves, hanging the cannabis plants to dry, you still need to keep a fan blowing on the plants. In a week or two its ready for the least favorite job on Holmgrown Farm

Trimming bud is the final step in cannabis growing. Detest this part of the job. I have to struggle to get through this part. Sometimes it takes me 3 days longer than it should. Between procrastination and allowing myself to be distracted while doing the trimming the job just seems to take forever. The scissors gum up then must be cleaned. Fingertips get super sticky. Then the monotony of the job just makes one wanna stop doing it. I also have the bad habit of going along, seeing a pretty bud, then needing to smoke it then and there. This leads to a situation of smoke 2 buds trim one. This lasts until I’m so high I end up being distracted and start doing something else entirely.

Trimming Cannabis 8 Trimming Cannabis 6
Trimming Cannabis 5 Trimming Cannabis 4

So, thats it for the blog post: My Least Favorite Part of Cannabis Growing. Hope it was a good read for ya.


Trimming Cannabis 3 Trimmed Cannabis 2
Trimmed Cannabis Trimmed Cannabis 4
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