When An Equatorial Landrace Sativa Molds

Kilamanjaro strain bud
Got up, went out to the garden for my morning joint and cappuccino with the girls. Knowing that there is only landrace Sativas out there I was confident that mold would not be an issue. As I walk down the pathway to the gardens the overpowering sweet, sweet smell of citrus and musk (others describe it as wood smell) envelops me creating a very relaxing mood.

The smile I am sure was on my face as I approached the first plants to find them budding healthily was lost in the turn of a head. Passing the first garden beds and approaching the second, I see as soon as my eyes focused on the big Columbian Gold girl, that nasty ass brown bud mold… To say I was crushed is an understatement. I just could not believe my eyes! This strain has NEVER, EVER, molded on me here in Hawaii before. The Columbian Gold always finishes for me. Some even suggest to me I should harvest them sooner.


Columbian Gold Plantcolumbian Gold bud mold
columbian Gold moldcolumbian Gold mold 2

I feel a slight feeling of panic. If the Columbian Gold is molding, what about the Kilimanjaro strain? Walking over to check on them I am saddened to say that the big Kilamanjaro plant has a bud with slight mold starting to grow. The Kilimanjaro has molded on me in the past. But the bud mold was always so small you don’t see it till the first trim of the big fan leaves before hanging. Not this time. Oh no. This Kilimanjaro strain is a landrace Sativa. But from Africa and well, not all of Africa is a humid tropical environment.  But the high is in my opinion only 2nd to the Lambsbread strain from Jamaica.

Yet this Columbian Gold is an equatorial landrace Sativa. It is not supposed to mold in humid environments. It comes from a majorly humid environment. I have a theory on why this Columbian Gold did mold when never has before. If you live in lower Puna on the Big Island you are going to understand. It all has to do with the fissures still pumping out VOG. Over the past month, we have had the sulfur smell in the air a few times here on Holmgrown Farms. I can’t help but wonder if my bud mold issues are not a result of or, at a minimum the top contributing factor for the bud mold.

Kilamanjaro strain 2
Kilimanjaro Strain

Kilimanjaro Strain Bud Mold

I also can’t help but think that if Holmgrown Farm is having this issue, are others? I’m gonna go out on a limb and say, “YES”. I have heard several individuals claim that it has become hard to find Medical Cannabis here on the Big Island right now. You have to remember that there are no open dispensaries on this area of the island and the first one is not to open until Nov. of this year. We will see if that pans out.

I don’t want to end this When An Equatorial Landrace Sativa Molds post on a down note. Let’s try and leave this on a positive happy note. That said, let us look at the Columbian Gold that is not showing signs of mold and has sweet-smelling nugs on it. She’s a tall girl standing 6 feet., her buds reek of lemon and butt. lol

columbian Gold bud

columbian Gold
Columbian Gold Plant
columbian Gold top bud
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