Update: When An Equatorial Landrace Sativa Molds

The sun has set, I am having another cappuccino. I have also come to the conclusion after thoroughly inspecting the Columbian Gold girl that there are just too many areas with bud to just trim the bud mold out. I am very sad about this as the buds were soo close to being at the sweet spot for harvesting. Before I go on if you missed the last post: When An Equatorial Landrace Sativa Molds Go read it. I’ll wait for ya.

Columbian Gold Close Up
This is a close up of the premature Columbian Gold bud.

Grabbed the clippers and with a tear, cut this incredible smelling Columbian Gold down in the squeeze of the clippers. The smell of this plant gets all over my arm as I support her with one hand and clip her at the base with the other. Even as I type this now, the smell of her still lingers around me. I notice occasionally that my hair smells of her and I become reflective of the past few months of her care, all the way back to clipping her as a clone form her mother.

Columbian Gold Hanging2 Columbian Gold Hanging
Columbian Gold Bud2 Columbian Gold Bud

If you are really looking at the posted photos, I want to assure you that this bud smells better than it kinda looks. You can see in the photos of this Columbian Gold, she was just starting the swell and resend cycle. 2, maybe (this is a big maybe) 3 more weeks and holy moly! I promise that even now this is going to me mind-numbing cannabis to smoke or eat.

All is not gloomy. Still have 1 Early Skunk, 1 Kilmajaro, 1 Columbian Gold going strong. Maybe the humidity and rain will go away and come back in about 3 months but for an evening shower once a week.

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