Bud Mold On My Cannabis Sucks

Of course, bud mold sucks. Is there anyone that likes bud mold on their cannabis buds? I mean really it gets started and then it’s every frickin where. Bud mold is the lowest of low. One can check for it today and not see a hint of it, tomorrow you check and its everywhere!  lol

Why all the yakity-yak about bud mold? If you saw the last post: Bud Mold On Cannabis Indica Plants you know that Holmgrown Farm had an attack of the bud mold on all my indica Plants. Because the mold was over about 25% of the plants at week 6 of an at latest 9-week term the is only one thing for me to do. If I were not to do what needs to be done all I would be doing is opening the whole garden to bud mold.

Bud Mold BodMold

I had to chop em all down. I just could not chance it spreading. It hard when the buds just start to get chunky and smelling skunky. A lot of growers will just cut the buds with mold out of the plant and just keep on keeping on. That has never really worked too well for me. I can cut out all the moldy buds, just to find mold on other buds on the same plant. I have found that when doing this sometimes the buds left on the plant don’t get bigger they just mature.

bud mold bud mold

Chopped down and trimmed, I lost on avg. 35% of good bud. Remember, this is bud that was not mature so what’s left is not great. Should be good for topical oil, cookies or candies. Doubt its worth the effort to smoke. As I mentioned before in another post, That’s the breaks with growing indicas outdoors here on Holmgrown Farm. Had it been a dryer than normal past 3 months, it would be on its way to a bumper harvest. Those are the breaks. there ya go. That is the Bud Mold On My Cannabis Sucks post. Aloha

Hanging Marijuana Plants

But, don’t cry me a river yet.
The circle of life for a cannabis plant goes on.

Marijuana Garden

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