New Cannabis Seeds Fell Outta The Sky

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It was a shocking day here for us from Holmgrown Farm. All the excitement started when I went into town to get a smoothie and as I stood slurping my smoothie suddenly the rain stopped, and the clouds parted, then a ray of sunlight came through a rainbow blocking my ability to see momentarily. As my eyes adjusted to the light I noticed on my car across the street a padded envelope shrouded in a curious green light.

I was strongly drawn to the mysterious package shrouded in green light. The excitement crossing the street was so overwhelming that I did not notice that I was crossing in front of oncoming traffic. I was being pulled across the street to my car by the mysterious package. I must have appeared to be a crazy person because traffic stopped short of hitting me without blowing their horns or even flipping me the international “you are a jerk sign” using their middle finger. Maybe I got stink eye, I don’t know. I was focused solely on the mysterious package.

As I put my hands on the padded envelope the curious green light faded away and I faintly hear Estimated Prophet by The Grateful Dead playing in my ear. I knew this was some kinda magical event. I started to tremble as I fumble with getting this mysterious paddCannabis Seeds 5ed envelope open while remaining some semblance of calm.  After dropping the envelope 3 times in what can only be described as a frenzy, I see what is in the envelope and all the excitement evaporated in the blink of an eye.

After shredding the envelope like 6 yo kid getting a Christmas present. All there was in this mysterious padded envelope is a box that said Sports Supports. What the heck? Why so much drama over something that’s not even my size. I got huge hands. There is absolutely no way this is gonna fit my had. Depression hits me hard at that moment. I guess I realized that it’s not an envelope with a million dollars in it…

Maybe its some kind of magic thing that when I put it on, I get superpowers or something. I open the box while looking for a trash can to throw it in. It then occurs to me that maybe I am being punk’d.  They got me on some kinda candid camera show or something. I glance around and did not see anything that could be a camera crew in hiding. This is where I start to play it cool waiting for a group to jump out and tell me this is all a setup and hit me up to sign a release.

I pull pulled out of its box the folded up support and noticed I could only get 3 fingers in the end where I was to put my whole hand. WTF?! I think to myself. The support unfolds and in doing so a thing with bubble wrap around it falls out on to my foot. “Oh no, what’s this?” I Cannabis Seeds 4think to myself as I awkwardly bend over to collect it. This thing was thick and I could not help but squeeze it a little. The little bit of tape holding the bubble wrap closed breaks open and a bunch of plastic bags of cannabis seeds pop out. The excitement returned instantly and realizing cannabis seeds is what I had, threw it all in my car and drove back to the farm just as fast as I could without killing anyone or breaking any laws. I was only 4 miles from town and can normally get back to the farm from that spot in 5mins. Today though, it was the longest ride back to the farm from the town I have ever experienced. it was only 5 mins but sure did feel like an hour.

Upon examination, I was very surprised to find what could very well be the ideal strains of cannabis seeds for this area of the farm.

Cannabis Seeds 2Cannabis Seeds 1

Here is the list:

  • Holy Grail Kush
  • Wild Thailand
  • Panama x Malawi
  • Malawi Gold
  • Guatemala
  • Sour Desil Auto
  • Peach Puree CBD
  • Heavy Grapefruit
  • Critical +2.0

That’s it. you now know the story about how New Cannabis Seeds Fell Outta The Sky today on me.

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